The Power of Your Personal Brand

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The Power of Your Personal Brand

In our last blog post, we shared Syc360’s unique method of excavating the brilliance of your brand identity, with a focus in healthcare marketing and branding. Now, we’re going to dig a little deeper to unearth your one-of-a-kind personal brand. You might remember our character discovery form where by completing it, you identify a set of human characteristics attributing to your brand. This way you can express the authentic traits that your target audience finds most relatable. Keep in mind, this practice can help in developing and understanding your personal brand as well.

Establishing a powerful personal brand is an important part in advancing your practice and business in the healthcare industry, and we’re here to help. Below we’ve highlighted four simple, yet effective approaches to assist you in actualizing your personal brand:

  1. Show Your True Colors.

You know you are your company or practice’s biggest asset and your “genuine” personality and commitment to service is as good as gold. When talking to your target audience and marketing, be real. Focus on your positive attributes and let them shine throughout your day. What are you passionate about? What fascinates you? Stay true to yourself with your audience. They’ll find your authenticity refreshing and you will naturally win them over.

  1. Share Your Heart.

Place your heartfelt passion and enthusiasm for life front and center in your daily interactions and in your marketing strategies. Did you run your first marathon last fall? Have you mentored someone to a successful career? Maybe you just learned how to play your first song on the guitar. Whatever it is, share it! Your audience wants to know you and celebrate with you. They want to experience your human side and know you have passions and interests. If you volunteered to help children in need, let it be known and encourage others to join the cause. If you and your spouse just celebrated a benchmark wedding anniversary, share it on your social media pages. Whether the success is professional or personal, share it! Share it authentically, share it enthusiastically, share your heart –– you’ll audience will love you for it.

  1. Be of Service.

Use your extensive knowledge of your product and services to educate your consumers. Communicate what makes you different by providing them with useful information or tips about how to best use your product or how to stay healthy. Go beyond simply telling them what sets you apart from your colleagues, and show them. Are you a part of an organization or charity? Tell them why and what you learn from your participation. Establish more personal connections with your audience by using your personal brand to serve them even when they’re not physically in front of you. Your personal brand is what comes to mind when people think of you. What do you want that thought to be? By making sure your company’s advertising is serving your audience and communicates what makes you unique, all you have to do is live up to it.

  1. Express Yourself, Inspire Testimonials.

It’s ultimately up to you to exceed your consumers’ expectations and give them an experience worth repeating. Providing programs and events for your customers can be a valuable source for testimonials within your business or practice. Equally as important, if you provide your clients with a truly pleasant experience, they’ll feel called to share their encounter with family and friends. You’ll soon find yourself with an inevitable source of solid referrals. You can also consider holding public events where potential customers have the opportunity to meet you  and gain a better understanding of your product or service. Another a great way to show your valued customers and client appreciation is through a rewards program or by offering special opportunities to try new products and services. Express yourself to your audience and they’ll want to shout your praises from the mountain tops.

So, there you have it, four simple approaches you can start implementing today.

Start fueling the power of your personal brand as an executive or leader by showing your true colors, sharing your heart, being of service, and expressing yourself. A successful equation that will add up to two words: MORE BUSINESS.

Now that’s powerful stuff!

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