Point, Click, Serve!

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Point, Click, Serve!

Why having a resource page on your website is extremely valuable for optimum search, social and service success.

Envision your ideal customer.  The one you actually created your organization to serve. Now, imagine this customer is challenged by a task, and your company has the perfect solution. You know your customer is busy, you respect and value their time, and more importantly, you want to serve them.

Think of it this way, much like you would when seeking answers or information, your internet savvy customer will go straight to their favorite search engine and enter keywords about the task at hand. When this model customer locates a helpful article, not only do they find information on what they were looking for, they also find quick tips and information linking to other helpful resources they didn’t know existed. Your perfect customer is likely to find this site as a worthwhile resource, and bookmark the page. This page is not your website.

This simple scenario is a textbook example of why housing a Resource Page on your website can offer exceptional benefits all around. Resource pages not only add value to your site and serve your ideal customers immensely, they also contribute to higher rankings in search engines for specific keywords and phrases, while converting once random visitors into loyal subscribers.

When potential customers are seeking services that your company provides, obviously you want to do everything in your power to appear at the top of their search results. The tricky part can be just how to make that happen. You can certainly fill your webpages with keywords, but unless the user finds the content useful, your ranking will quickly evaporate.

Search engine optimization and SEO strategies can take time to master, and one easy way to boost your ranking is to provide content that is truly advantageous to your potential customers. By visiting your website, your customers should be able to find information about your services and other related products that can help them along the way.

Feel free to use the following points and ideas to encourage the development of your resource page:

  • Focus on and research your market to create a stand-out, truly viable resource page for your website
  • Include advice, information and tips you know would benefit your ideal customer
  • Highlight links to websites, blog posts and articles featuring valid topics, products and services you know your customer needs that you may not provide
  • Choose to promote businesses in which your company has established relationships, companies that share your interests, thereby creating new partnerships or strengthening existing connections
  • The links on your resource page have unlimited potential to increase awareness and the online presence of your company
  • Increase the time your customer spends on your website, inspire them to click through to other pages, join you on social media, and share your site with colleagues

What better way to gain new customers than to earn their trust through education and complimentary service? Offer an effortless way for them to find what they’re looking for, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Overall, creating a resource page provides thought leadership for your business, increases rankings, and organically converts visitors to your site into new business. A resource page increases your company’s credibility, encourages the unexpected discovery of content, and supplies significant value by potentially addressing questions your prospective customers didn’t know they had. Check out our client’s resource page www.clinview.org or a perfect example!

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